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  • [Active noise reduction] XY-50 has an active noise reduction board for Blue flood ANC, and an active noise reduction algorithm adjusted by real person meatus acusticus. Binaural microphones can detect external and in-ear noise, then the noise wave opposite to it is emitted to resist external noise. Let you enjoy your life, listen to songs and binge-watching calls, make business travel more quiet, and create a more comfortable environment.
  • [Battery capacity], headset battery 30Mah, headset compartment battery 300mAh, single use time up to 4 hours, with battery compartment, navigation increases by 15 hours, according to 90% of people's usage habits, it can meet 3 days. Charge once for 1 hour.
  • [Meatus acusticus design] appearance and ensure good sealing physical noise reduction advantages, active noise reduction 28DB excellent, IXP7 waterproof, comfortable to wear for a long time, and sports crazy can not fall off. Suitable for outdoor running cycling fearless challenges.
  • [Convenient and quick to use] open the cover and connect to the automatic pairing. After the first successful pairing, open the charging cabin headset and automatically connect to the phone when it is automatically turned on, saying goodbye to the tedious mobile phone operation. Pair master-slave switch single and double ear switch two headphones at will, each with Bluetooth chip, take out a pair and put back any stereo and mono to enjoy music more flexibly.
  • 【Widely used】the upgraded 5.1 chip has a long distance and is stable. The newly upgraded Bluetooth 5.1 chip is adopted to provide high-quality RF stability while achieving lower power, bring higher quality sound quality transmission and clearer efficiency. Smooth chain unlimited Android Apple, WINDOWS system, as long as there is Bluetooth function can be used.

XY-50True Wireless Earphones with ANC

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