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This high quality iPhone screen protector enhances clearer appearance of the display.

  • Hard and durable surface under special manufacturing process.

  • Static technology eliminates the bubble effect and enhances firmly on the screen.

  • Easily remove without any adhesive.

  • High transparency with 99.5% clarity.

  • Strengthens with color chrome on the screen.

  • Scratching screen protection.


Installation process: 

  • Clean the iPhone screen surface with a small cloth.
  • The next step is to expose 1/3 of the screen protector without touching the adhesive side.

  • Align the exposed section with the edges of iPhone screen and make sure the screen protector has been placed straight.

  • Peel off the mask with the provided sticker after application is completed.

iPhone Clear Plastic Screen Protectors

  • Material: Plastic

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