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Protect your smart phone screen from scratches and scuffing.

  • High touch sensitivity, real glass is optically clear for camera use, brightness and clarity
  • Tempered glass screen protector to fit with most casses 

Samsung Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

PriceFrom $25.00
  • Models with curved screens may be very difficult to put on if you do not have experience applying tempered glass protectors to curved screens. 

    If choosing a fingerprint scanning compatible, due to the S series and Note series using the ultrasonic underscreen fingerprint sensor, thinner glass is required for fingerprint scanning to work. This results in two different products available. 
    One with a section of thinner glass around the the fingerprint sensor. Additionally adhesive is only on this area and perimeter of the screen protector.
    The other protector, does not have a cut out around the scanning area and has adhesive throughout the entire protector.

    If you have any issues with fingerprint scanning you may need to reregister your fingerprint, and may need to press down slightly firmer.

    *We do not provide refunds or returns issues on fingerprint scanning not working as this will be due to user error*

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